Did you know that store bought baby food has a shelf life of three years?  When I found out I was grossed out. I did not want to be feeding my baby three year old food.  Then I wondered what they had to do to it to make it last three years.  Turns out the heat the food up so hot that it kills all the bacteria. Well, it’s also been proven that that high of a temperature will also kill most of the nutrients. After doing more research though, that was the least of my worries.

Could you imagine feeding your precious child rat feces? How about actual parts of pureed rat? What about insects or even mold?  The thought made me sick.  I found out the FDA actually allows every one of these things in our food up to a specific percentage.  Want to see the proof, look on the FDA website.

So now with that picture in your mind, think about how much baby food costs. The average monthly cost of store bought baby food is around $100, usually more. This is for cheap, non organic food.

What if I told you I can help you make your own safe, healthy organic food for a fraction of the cost and without the rat poop?

Would you be interested?